Thursday, July 15, 2010

Double Fine doing Double Time

Hehe, see what I did there?

Bah, what do you know from funny? Unless you're Tim Schafer, head of Double Fine. He definitely knows from funny, if you've played his titles, and from what he's said, there will be plenty more of Double Fine in the near future.

At his Develop keynote speech, Schafer announced that the development team is now working on four games en tandem. Every title has been signed to publishers, but no major release dates or details have been provided.

The company has been going through some growing pains, as the game has previously only been a one-game-at-a-time deal, but he assured people that it was a future-looking model for the company.

Of the four games, we do know three of the leads, all stemming from the Brutal Legend team. The first is Nathan Marks, and the second is Tasha Harris, a Pixar alum, as well. The third game's head is Brutal Legend Art Director Lee Petty. We can imagine that Schafer himself is overlooking the titles but giving a closer eye on the fourth, extremely mysterious project.

We will most certainly be looking more into this as it "develops". See what I...ah, nevermind.

Double Fine is the developer behind Psychonauts (Xbox or through Originals, PS2, and PC) and Brutal Legend (360 and PS3). Psychonauts stars Raz, a young boy with great psychic abilities, as he ventures around a summer camp for those with similar "abilities," and players must venture into the minds of many and uncover the secrets of the mysterious camp grounds. Brutal Legend stars Eddie Riggs, "the world's best roadie," who ends up sent into a world seemingly inspired by all things Rock and Metal. Of course, the game involves saving that world through action and RTS-inspired gameplay, to top it off.

If these four games are anything like the last two, we're in for a treat!


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