Saturday, July 3, 2010

Horizon Riders, WiiWare title from Sabarasa

If you are one of the lucky ones who have played Save the Turtles for DSiWare, you should be happy to know that the developer is working on a new title for WiiWare!

It appears to be an arcade shooter akin to Sin & Punishment, which oddly enough came out earlier this week! Here's the official description:

Planet Zethos has fallen under the military control of Thau-Phi, a rogue Artificial Intelligence originally deployed to terraform and colonize the remote planet. Its absolute control of all automated systems on the surface includes a legion of labour robots, now acting as an impenetrable and selfless army protecting the A.I. core.

The only hope of liberating it without paying a steep price in Confederation lives lies in the crew of the DST Horizon, an elite mercenary group currently selling it's sophisticated combat expertise to the highest bidder. They take jobs too dangerous for most merc outfits and too legally questionable for most military forces.

Horizon Riders allows players to control any of the four squad members on their mission to defeat Thau-Phi, dashing at high-speed through the surface of Zethos on powerful hoverboards while destroying the renegade cybernetic army with their advanced futuristic arsenal.

No words on release yet, but it appears to be aiming for later in 2010. Here's hoping for a quality experience!



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