Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rayman Origins in December for XBLA and PSN. Others Considered.

Those looking forward to the awesomely-drawn Rayman downloadable adventure can now relax that it would be pushed into 2011, like everything else.

According to a new blog post in Rayman Origins' blog, a relative release date for the first episode of the game has been divulged, for HD consoles only.

When ?
Episode 1 for Christmas 2010 ! Hours of adventure and fun …
The rest for 2011!

Which format ?
HD Consoles for the end of the year
Wii, PC, iPad, 3DS to be considered.

Those concerned that the game would escape their grasp should be happy to know that it is still possible to see the series on other consoles. I expect a Wii version to be retail rather than episodic, based on graphic fidelity, but that's just me.

Meanwhile, the program that was used to produce the title, Ubi-Art, will be released as Open Source, along with the remaining episodes of Rayman Origins, next year. Ubi-Art is a special framework which allows artists to import artwork into a game with little issue, if Ubisoft is to be believed.

Rayman Origins is a downloadable series of games starring Rayman, focusing on how he and his bumbling friend end up becoming heroes. The game is developed using this new framework and is developed by a team of about five people. No specifics on how long the series will be, but we know it will see a December release this year for HD consoles.


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