Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Line Attack Heroes now on WiiWare

Last E3, that is, E3 2009, two unique IPs were demonstrated in Nintendo's booth. One was FlingSmash, which is seeing its release this upcoming fall for a reduced price. The other was Line Attack Heroes.

Line Attack Heroes is an action title in which defeated foes join the hero in a line which can be whipped out with a swish of the Wii Remote. Furthermore, getting more heroes to help you out increases your power, allowing you to fend off more powerful enemies. The game has a complete story mode, with cooperative play available, and if players want to fight each other, there are four distinct multiplayer modes, as well.

Line Attack Heroes is developed by Grezzo, a new development company headed by Koichi Iishi, known for producing the Mana series at Square-Enix. The game is now currently out in Japan, but the title has no American release date yet.


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