Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pokemon Black and White Info Blowout

Okay, so Pokemon Gold and Silver had their remakes earlier this year, that is true. In fact, many consider them to be the best Pokemon games yet. Well, boys and girls, we may be looking at one heck of a contender against those remakes next year.

Pokemon Black and White, the next true iteration in the Pokemon franchise, will see a release in the US Spring 2011, while the Japanese will get their hands on it by the end of the year. CoroCoro, a magazine in Japan known for its focus on anime and anime-based products, had several pages dedicated to the new games. Here are some of the highlights.

1) The game's protagonist has two friends, one a trustworthy boy named Cheren and the other, a rambunctious girl named Belle, who ends up being your main rival throughout the game.

2) A mysterious character named N strives for justice in the world for Pokemon. He calls pokemon his friends and even has a goal to split humans and pokemon apart like "black and white." Ah, so the title has multiple meanings.

3) The game's new twist in battles is the new 3 v 3 system. In this system, pokemon are situated in a line, but only those in the middle can attack every other pokemon. Those on the sides can only attack the one on the same side and the middle. Moving pokemon around in the battle is key as well to fighting well in this new game.

4) Not only will the versions have exclusive pokemon, but they will have exclusive locations. Black will have Black City, and White will have White Forest. Certain areas will also appear different depending on the game version played.

5) Using an item known as "Dream Smoke" players can send their save files onto the internet! A pokemon chosen will fall asleep and take part in games and the like on Nintendo's website, all while in a dream. In this dream world, pokemon your pokemon befriend can go into your game. And these pokemon include some that cannot be captured in-game.

6) DSi users can videochat with friends, as well as the usual online battle system.

7) The game allows players to wirelessly connect while passing by and even join in each other's games for Co-Op!

There's some more stuff, as well as scans from the magazine, at the source. Enjoy!


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