Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Racing Rally Returns, Really!

Independent publisher RedSpotGames has announced that it is bringing Senile Team's Dreamcast racer Rush Rush Rally Racing to WiiWare with extra gameplay modes.

Originally published in late 2009, Rush Rush Rally Racing is an overhead arcade racer which touts the difficulty of older arcade racers. The game contains five different vehicles and ten courses on which to race against computers in a Grand Prix. With friends, the game adds an additional nine levels, and with three multiplayer modes, the game offers a healthy amount of multiplayer content.

The WiiWare version is more than just the original game with slightly improved graphics. RSG promises to add GameCube and Classic Controller support for more accessibility, and for those gamers who play alone, there are new Time Attack and Challenge modes available with the WiiWare edition. The Time Attack Mode pits players against ghosts of their fastest lap times, and the Challenge mode pits player against computer in duals to leave the other in the dust.

R4 was originally being developed for a coding competition sponsored by online retailer Lik-Sang in 2006. When Lik-Sang went out of business, developer Senile Team decided to complete the project, anyways, and the game finished late last year due to the small and otherwise busy development team.

This is but the first announcement of a new strategy for RedSpotGames. Originally a Dreamcast Independent Publisher, the company is now spreading toward WiiWare, Xbox Live Indie Games, and Playstation Network. No words on any new projects on the other platforms just yet, but keep your eyes peeled. There is no release date yet for R4.


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