Monday, August 30, 2010

Xbox LIVE Gold Price Hike Ahead

Today, Major Nelson broke news that Xbox LIVE Gold subscription prices would be increasing from $50 to $60 a year, starting November 1, 2010.

Major Nelson's blog spilled the beans on a unique price hike for the special online services Microsoft provides to Xbox LIVE users who pay a premium on a yearly or smaller periodic basis.

This image describes the changes as follows:

The price hike will be effective in November, so Major Nelson states that it would be a good idea to lock in the cheaper price before November in order to save the ten-dollar increase. Certain places, including Japan, will not have price hikes.

There is no actual explanation to the increase, other than that the content has gotten better since it started. The lack of a worldwide increase dictates some behind-the-scenes activity.

Xbox LIVE Gold memberships allow those with Xbox 360 to download demos earlier than those with Silver. It also adds the ability to use Netflix and other online services directly from the console. The biggest perk to Gold memberships is the ability to play online multiplayer games at any time; Silver members have specific free periods of use but are otherwise restricted to LAN and single-console gaming.


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