Tuesday, August 31, 2010

XBLA Gets a Feast!

It seems Summer of Arcade had just finished a few weeks ago, but Microsoft has today announced a new XBLA promotion, Xbox Live Game Feast, a collection of games which will take up the month of October this year!

The Xbox Live Game Feast will feature four XBLA titles starting the end of September. The Feast consists of the following:

September 29: Hydrophobia (1200 MS Points), developed by Dark Energy Digital, is a third-person survival-adventure title which takes place on the inside of a massive city-sized ship called the Queen of the World. As Kate Wilson, a technician to the ship, players have to explore and survive the slowly sinking ship and the terrorist group that aims to wipe out everyone on board. Originally an episodic title, there is no say whether that is still the case now.

October 6: Comic Jumper (1200 MS Points), developed by Twisted Pixel (The Maw, Splosion Man) is a humorous side-scrolling action game starring Comic Jumper, a washed-up comicbook hero. Low on cash and popularity, Captain Smiley gets his creators to move him onto other comics in need, from the comics of the Golden Age to the newer adventures seen in Manga. With four art styles and multiple gameplay scenarios filled with laughter, it looks like Captain Smiley won't be the only one smirking.

(Screen of Pinball FX)

October 13: Pinball FX 2 (Purchase per table), developed by Zen Studios (maker of the original), is a virtual pinball experience which offers a number of tables to choose from. The game allows for importing Pinball FX 1 tables, so all the tables can be opened up with the same program. The original had three tables but gradually grew to nine, so we can expect a similar situation with its sequel.

October 20: Super Meat Boy (1200 MS Points), developed by Team Meat, is a side-scrolling platformer with a focus on swift and meaty gameplay. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl love each other, but Dr. Fetus hates Meat Boy and captures Bandage Girl! The game is much akin to N+ but with one goal: get to Bandage Girl and don't die! The game was recently announced to be content complete, with seven chapters, each with two variations of each level. On top of that, the game has many indie-inspired extra characters to unlock and a number of special retro levels to add to the insanity of the already insane game. The game is expected for a PC and WiiWare release before the end of the year, but the XBLA version comes first.

So there you have it, folks! At this rate, I expect a promotion every couple months for XBLA, and I welcome the push! Get those points ready!

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