Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrate Mario's 25th in December

Nintendo of America has announced that it will be releasing a special limited edition product commemorating Mario's 25th Anniversary: Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition for Wii.

Super Mario All-Stars, originally released on the Super Nintendo, is a collection of old Super Mario Brothers titles with revamped visuals and music compared to the original NES products. The games included are the original Super Mario Brothers 1-3 and the previously-unreleased Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels (which is the real SMB2 which did not come to the US due to difficulty concerns). Players can also save their games in All-Stars, whereas the originals required completed progress in one sitting.

While all of the original titles are available on Wii's Virtual Console (including SMB2j), the Limited Edition package will be the only means to obtain Super Mario All-Stars along with two extra items. The package includes a 32-page booklet featuring the series' history, a number of interviews, and special never-before-seen documents and sketches from the development process. Along with that, there will be a Super Mario History CD included, containing musical tracks and sound effects from the Mario franchise, from the first all the way to Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The product will cost $30 and release December 12th in the United States. It is a limited edition from Nintendo, so be aware that they are true to their word!


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