Friday, October 15, 2010

Xona Games Announces Score Rush

A few days ago independent developer Xona Games released the first teaser for its next Xbox Live Indie Game, a frantic shooter entitled Score Rush.

The game was officially announced in the Official Xbox forums a month ago, but the first teaser was recently unveiled. In it, the developer demonstrates the game, a SHMUP in which players control a small ship which must shoot down massive ships and dodge onslaughts of gunfire in order to survive and earn top scores. The game will be using the Duality ZF engine which has proven to be a good shooter engine for some time. There is no indication as to how long the game is expected to be or how many modes it will offer, but the game contains drop-in multiplayer with up to four players total.

Score Rush's music compositions are developed by Dragon Music Productions, and if the trailer is any indication, the music will certainly enhance the intensity of the game.

Score Rush will be releasing soon on Xbox Live Indie Games and Windows Phone 7.

Xona Games is a two-man independent developer which has focused primarily on the development of shooter titles on multiple download services. Its first release, Decimation X, is lauded as the highest selling title on Xbox Live Indie Games in Japan, and its sequel, Decimation X2, is a Windows Phone 7 exclusive, released recently. The company is also developing an XBLA version of Duality ZF, a SHMUP in which players control two ships at the same time using either control sticks on their Xbox controllers.

Official Trailer

SOURCE: Official Site

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