Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mutants, Choose your Destiny

Today, Marvel, Activision and Silicon Knights announced their upcoming title using the X-Men franchise: X-Men: Destiny.

X-Men: Destiny puts players in control of unique mutants as they become new recruits into Professor Xavier's academy. The game's story goes from there, however, allowing players to choose the path to good or the ways of evil over time. As for actual gameplay, that is still under wraps, at least for now. Could this game be a Fable-esque X-Men title?

Silicon Knights, the developer, has had a unique lineup of titles since its creation in 1994. The company started with a number of strategy games and the acclaimed Legacy of Kain. As a second-party developer for Nintendo, Silicon Knights developed Eternal Darkness and co-developed Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes with Kojima Productions. After leaving Nintendo, the company released the heavily-hyped and at-times-controversial Too Human which had been in concept development as far back as the original Playstation. Since then, the company has remained quiet with game announcements until today.

X-Men: Destiny will see its release next year. More details should arrive at this weekend's New York Comic-Con.

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