Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Choose Your Heroine for Megaman Legends 3

As of last week, Capcom is holding a poll on character designs for a new heroine character in its 3DS project, Megaman Legends 3.

Capcom announced last week that it would be introducing multiple ways through which fans could add to the final product of Megaman Legends 3. The first would be choosing the character design for a new character to be introduced in the new installment.

Rather than choose from a small selection, Capcom is providing nine different designs, each made by a specific Mega Man artist. Basing the results on both Ameican and Japanese tastes, the winning design will be used in the game. The poll is set to end October 25th.
As you can see below, the nine different heroine designs take nine very different approaches, and the design you pick could have effects on her personality and other parts of the game.
The character designs are as follows:

Hayato Kaji (Legends 2, Original 4-8, X, X3, Battle Network)

Hideki Ishikawa (Legends 1 and 2, Original 7 and 8, Power Battle, Battle & Chase)

Kazushi Itou (Legends 1, Original 5-7)

Keiji Inafune (All)

Ryuji Higurashi (X5 and X6, Command Mission, EXE Series, Star Force 1 and 3)

SENSEI Haruki Suetsugu (X4-X6, Xtreme 1 and 2, Legends)

Shinsuke Komaki (Battle Network Series, Star Force Series, Tron Bonne, X3 and X6, 8)

Tatsuya Yoshikawa (X, X7 and X8, Maverick Hunter X, Powered Up)

Toru Nakayama (Zero Series)

To learn more about the poll and actually vote, click here.

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