Thursday, October 28, 2010

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise Moves onto NA

This week, Konami has officially announced that it is bringing the Playstation 3 edition of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise to North America in 2011.

Back in 2008, No More Heroes was released for the Wii. This product is an action-driven, extremely violent and altogether punk-inspired adventure starring Travis Touchdown, an Otaku who, after killing the Number 11 assassin, is dragged into an intricate collection of showdowns against maniacs and professional killers alike. Not to mention it has a myriad of small jobs to take on in order to afford the increasingly deadly fights. It received a number of decent reviews, and it sold well enough for a sequel, No More Heroes: Deadly Struggle, to be released in 2010.

Heroes Paradise, meanwhile, is an upgraded port of the original title for 360 and PS3, originally released in Japan through Marvelous Interactive. Konami will only be bringing the PS3 version to other shores, alas.

The HD edition will contain a new "Rebout Mode" in which players will be able to fight old foes again, and a new Super Sweet difficulty is available in which each character in the game sports a new pair of digs, ripe for the mauling. Furthermore, the game offers players the ability to watch the game's cutscenes at their discretion, once completed, of course.

Those unsure about controls will be happy to know it supports normal controller and Move control methods. It is expected to be released in the Spring.


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