Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MMV Producers move to Grashopper

Two of the higher development leads from MMV (otherwise known as Marvelous Interactive) have announced that they will be moving to key positions at Grasshopper Manufacture, the development company led by Suda 51.

Yasuhiro Wada and Yoshiro Kimura were two lead directors at Marvelous Interactive. Wada-san is perhaps best known for creating the Harvest Moon franchise, which he has helped produce since. Kimura-san, meanwhile, is the creator and lead director for Little King's Story, one of Marvelous's biggest productions this generation.

After the move, Wada-san will become the Grasshopper's Chief Operating Officer and Kimura-san will be the company's Chief Creative Officer. This is not necessarily the first time the two have worked with Grasshopper: in fact, the No More Heroes franchise is published by Marvelous in Japan. As for what the two are doing specifically, it is too early to know.

Marvelous Interactive is a smaller publisher which is best known for being the Japanese publisher of Harvest Moon and other franchises related to the series. This generation, it started its focus on heavily supporting the Wii with brand new IPs, including No More Heroes from Grasshopper, Arc Rise Fantasia from imageepoch, and Little King's Story with the help of Cing. The company has been having poor activity as of late, and it is retracting its focus on smaller projects to survive.

Grasshopper Manufacture, run by Suda 51, is best known for having developed the No More Heroes franchise, but it has also produced a number of smaller projects, including DS's Contact and Flower, Sun and Rain, as well as Killer 7 last generation. The company is currently working on Shadows of the Undead with Shinji Mikami and EA as well as Codename D for Kinect.

SOURCE: Famitsu and NintendoLife

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