Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DOTA 2 Announced

Valve has finally unveiled DOTA 2, the sequel to the original Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, expected to be released next year.

Defense of the Ancients was a mod which changed the focus of the real-time strategy genre from controlling a whole slew of units to just one hero. The hero's goal is to collect gold and resources to build and create infantry and weapons to attack the opposing side. The army will continue to be sent to attack the other base; what affects the final outcome will depend on the hero's actions compared to that of the other.

DOTA 2 is being developed with the help of IceFrog who has been in charge of updates for the most popular version of the original series, DotA-AllStars (it was created by another man, Steve Feak, who is now a part of Riot Games).

This new rendition of the franchise will contain every character and major gameplay element from the original DOTA, but there are new concepts to be introduced as well. For example, if a player in an online mode is disconnected, an AI will take over the hero for the remainder of the match, allowing for less annoyances for all involved. Also, the game will be intertwined with the community through Steamworks, adding benefits to those who participate in the community and help the DOTA fanbase grow. Furthermore, a new guide system is being implemented for those new to the genre; this will give new gamers the chance to venture into the now reborn franchise.

While no footage has been shown, the company released four artworks to commemorate the announcement.

DOTA 2 is slated for 2011 for PC.

SOURCE: GameInformerOnline

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