Friday, October 29, 2010

Megaman Legends 3's Heroine is Chosen!

After a month of letting fans vote on their favorite character design for a new character in Megaman Legends 3, the company has finally unveiled the winning design.

After Capcom unveiled Megaman Legends 3 to the public, it opened a poll containing nine distinct designs for a new heroine to be included in the game. Each of these designs were drawn by artists in previous Mega Man games, and according to the poll, the design would have a distinct characteristic to the personality of the character.

The winning designed turned out to be the work of Shinsuke Komaki with over six thousand votes from the 23,000+ total votes from both America and Japan.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my design!! Being able to hear opinions directly from you the fans was a unique experience for me, and I am so thrilled to be a part of Legends 3 in this capacity. The work from the other designers are absolutely wonderful, and gave this project a very noticeable "premium" kind of feeling.
(The feeling of suspense was intense.)

Alrighty then, character designers on the Legends 3 dev team, I wish you luck with taking my designs and making them "Legendsdary."

-Shinsuke Komaki, MML3 Character Designer
SENSEI's character design went in second place, followed quickly by Tatsuya Yoshikawa's design. Check the source for the full listing.

This is not the final time fans will have input in the project. Soon, the company will be opening the "Legends Dev Blog," where people can follow up on the development of the new heroine as well as find more events in which they can participate and add to the game's production.

Megaman Legends 3 is a large-scale project which was announced to be in development for the Nintendo 3DS this past September, shortly after Nintendo held its Fall Conference to discuss the upcoming launch of the handheld device. The game will be focusing heavily on fan input, as this poll demonstrates. There will be other ventures for fans to chip into the game, including potential side stories to be written by the biggest of Megaman Legends fans.

A release for Megaman Legends 3 is still not known, as the game is in early development.

SOURCE: Capcom

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