Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fantasy Life Goes to 3DS

At today's Level-5 Vision 2010 event in Japan, the company announced that it would be shifting its Brownie Brown collaboration Fantasy Life to the 3DS.

One of four major 3DS-related announcements, Level-5 stated that along with the platform shift for Fantasy Life, the game would be shifting from the original Mother-esque 2D look to a cell-shaded polygonal affair.

Fantasy Life was originally announced as a DS title in 2009. Dubbed a "Slow Life RPG," the game would be a life-paced adventure akin to Animal Crossing rather than the faster, action-paced RPGs of late. Players create their characters at the start of each game, ending with the choice of a "Life," or rather, a specific job that person will have in the world. Each job has their own goals and activities, and even their own ending theme once the game is completed. Not only will players need to strive for these daily goals, but they will need to watch for their Happiness and Richness levels in order to survive in the Fantasy Life world. The official artwork of the game is produced by Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, and the soundtrack is being produced by the famous Nobuo Uematsu.

This was not the first game which was moved from DS to the 3DS from Level-5. The Fukuoka-based company had already announced its first major venture to the 3DS at E3, that game being Professor Layton and the Mysterious Mask. While it was originally in development as a DS title, the game was brought to 3DS to add a new method of puzzle-solving to the highly-acclaimed series.

A release date for Fantasy Life is currently unknown, as are more concrete details of the game.

Brownie Brown is a Nintendo subsidiary comprised of Ex-Square developers in charge of the Mana series for GameBoy and Super Nintendo. Since its inception, the company has released Magical Starsign through Nintendo and two Mana titles for Square-Enix: Sword of Mana and Heroes of Mana. The developer has also dabbled on DSiWare with A Kappa's Trail, and it was behind the programming development for Mother 3, a Japanese-only RPG for the GameBoy Advance.

SOURCE: Siloconera

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