Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cave Story to DSiWare

Unveiled through a Nintendo Power preview, Nicalis will be bringing Cave Story to DSiWare in the near future.

The details for the title are scarce as the announcement came from the upcoming Nintendo Power's preview of the issue. What is known is that the game will be the entire Cave Story adventure, with the map and menu accessible on the bottom screen. The game has received the blessing from Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, the original creator of Cave Story, just like the WiiWare version released earlier this year.

The DSiWare version is already completed and undergoing final testing phases internally before being submitted for Nintendo's approval. A release is not set as a result of potential problems in this stage.

Nicalis producer Tyrone Rodriguez had previously made mention that the company was working with Pixel on expanding Cave Story to other venues, and it appears that DSiWare may have been one of those outcomes. There is no telling if other products from Pixel will be coming in the future or not, but it might be safe to assume at least one more Pixel title will be coming to some platform in the future courtesy of Nicalis.

Nicalis is an independent developer and publisher formed in 2007 focused on creating highly entertaining products, usually alongside other independent publishers to bring their work onto consoles and handhelds. The company's sole release thus far is Cave Story on WiiWare, which launched in the US this past March. The European release is still pending. Nicalis is also working with Nifflas on NightSky, a puzzle platformer with a unique silhouette design, and Nigoro which has been developing La-Mulana, a massive adventure title expected for release this year.

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