Thursday, September 9, 2010

Machinarium and Motherload to WiiWare

XGen Studios has made it known that is it bringing two more titles to the WiiWare download service: Machinarium from Amanita Design and the up-coming Super Motherload, a sequel to the hit online flash title Motherload.

If NintendoLife is correct in its sources (and why wouldn't it be), XGen Studios will be publishing these two PC-originating titles to the WiiWare service in the future.

Machinarium, which launched for PC on October 2009, is a point-and-click adventure title starring Josef, a robot who inhabits a large junk-filled city. With the knowledge of an attack on the city's tower, Josef must find a way to stop the maniacal plot, but in the way, players have to face a multitude of mind puzzles to pass in order to move forward. Instead of dialogue, the game uses thought bubbles to depict what each character is thinking or stating to the other characters. Certainly, it does not appear to be a junk game.


Super Motherload is the sequel to the online hit Motherload. In Motherload, players assume the role of a drill operator in order to dig deep into the land and collect its resources. While the game appears to have elements from Dig Dug and Boulder Dash, the game adds a new twist into the mix. Over time, you can upgrade your vehicle with new abilities, and with the growing distance between the surface and the resources to collect, the game becomes increasingly complex. New to the sequel is a four-player multiplayer mode, which is shown in this screenshot.

No specific release date has been provided, but it would be safe to assume a release for both before 2012.

XGen Studios, best known for releasing and publishing web games, has produced one WiiWare title since the launch of the service: Defend Your Castle. The game was given decent reviews and was among the highest-selling WiiWare launch titles at the time.

SOURCE: NintendoLife

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