Friday, September 10, 2010

Chu Chu Rocket to iOS

After years of tormenting gamers with the desire for its release, Sega has announced that it is bringing Chu Chu Rocket to iOS this October.

At a gamer's day focused on games for the iPhone and iPad, Sega demonstrated a number of titles, the most intriguing of which was the Dreamcast classic, Chu Chu Rocket. In this game, players attempt to lead little mice aliens known as Chus to their rocket ship without getting themselves eaten by the wandering cat aliens that also traverse the map. In order to do so, players muat set up paths and special tiles with lead both Chus and cats along each level. As long as a minimum number of mice make it to the ship, the player wins.

The new version will not contain any added levels, but every one of the 100 original levels will be included. The game also has a versus mode, playable with humans or computers.

The release date is not set in stone, but Sega is expecting an October launch for the title.

SOURCE: SlidetoPlay

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