Saturday, September 4, 2010

PAX: It Must be FATE, BIT.TRIP-style!

During Dtoid LIVE at PAX Prime 2010, Destructoid revealed the fifth title in Gaijin Game's BIT.TRIP series to the public: BIT.TRIP FATE.

BIT.TRIP FATE has players in control of the main character CommanderVideo once again, but this time, rather than running at a constant pace across each level, he is lead along on a fixed path and armed with awesome bit-weaponry.

Players move CommanderVideo along intricately-designed pathways using the nunchuk in order to avoid obstacles along his path. Using the Wii's pointer, the player will be able to aim and shoot at the onslaught of enemies that try to mow him down. Thankfully, like most shooter titles of this sort, only when a bullet hits CV's core will he get hurt and lower to the next stage. Furthermore, CommanderVideo can also get powerups from his friends to help plow through the multitude of bad dudes.

There is certainly more to the game this time around, too. Whereas RUNNER appeared to be a cheerful and adventurous product, FATE is promising to be a darker, more emotionally-driven game in the end, if Producer Alex Neuse is to be believed.

Additionally, on Gaijin Games's website, the team announced that rather than keep people waiting, they have released the game's soundtrack today! It also confirms this game's special guest artist for the game's music: Minusbaby.

The BIT.TRIP series is a series which depicts the life of one CommanderVideo, from his creation to his current predicament. Each title in the mostly-WiiWare-exclusive series represents a new stage in his life and, in turn, a new game concept over the years. BEAT represented Pong-like gameplay, CORE represented Cosmic Arc-like gameplay, VOID represented Ikaruga and SHMUP titles, and RUNNER represented Vib-Ribbon and other "running" games of late. BEAT is the only multi-platform title so far, releasing on iOS via Namco-Bandai Games.

Gaijin Games is also currently working on the WiiWare release of Different Cloth's Lilt Line and potentially other awesome games.

BIT.TRIP FATE is scheduled for release on WiiWare sometime in the fall.

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