Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: Minitroid

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Wacky Wednesday #2: Minitroid

Since Metroid: Other M came out this week, I figured it would be nice to look at a particularly interesting game developed in the Metroid universe by a fan. Whereas Metroid: Other M is a story-driven title with a longer completion time than most previous games in the series, Minitroid promises to bring a much more condensed and story-free game into the mix.

The game is developed by Tokinsom of Metroid Fan Mission, a website dedicated to Metroid Fan Games. He is also known for developing the title Metroid +H, a super-deformed Metroid title that is currently shelved. In light of that project being shelved, he has been working on a shorter, simpler game experience.

When he originally announced the project, he cited:
So here's a little game I've spent a few days on practicing a new RAD program. There's not much to look at right now..just seeing if anyone thinks it would be interesting to play.. It's essentially a Metroid II minigame. At first I was thinking you do nothing but hunt various Metroid larvae which have infested the planet, but that could get boring after a while so I added a hornoad and plan to add other enemies..but then ya got a real mini Metroid anyway..
Now over a month later, the game's small, pixelart title seems to be shaping up quite well. There are a number of enemies to fight and Metroids to kill. It really looks like a Mini Metroid II in a way. Certainly worth a look at the gameplay.

Hopefully this one makes it out of the woodworks!

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