Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wacky...Thursday: INCEPTIONAUTS

What was supposed to be Wacky Wednesday is now Thursday. Shows how a thunderstorm can slow things down.


Wacky Wednesday (on Thursday) #3: INCEPTIONAUTS

Who here has watched Inception, the dream-diving multi-dimensional heist movie directed and written by Christopher Nolan? Considering its high ticket sales and highly-positive reviews I can assume that most of you out there have. If you have not and have, instead, watched Vampires Suck, then I will ask you to vacate the premises. Quickly.

Now, how many of you have played Psychonauts, a 3D adventure title which involves entering the minds of certain characters and ultimately trying to save a bunch of psychic children from being used to take over the world, developed by Double Fine? Sales-wise, the game did poorly on its initial launch, but it has done better over time, what with being an Xbox Original and all. Still, the number is not nearly as great. And we should all feel ashamed for that.

Put them together: how many of you have watched Inception and played Psychonauts? I hope there is more than just a few of you, because this week's Wacky *Thursday* is a video which takes the Inception trailer and throws it into the Psychonauts psyche. Not much else to say about that, except play Psychonauts if you have not. It is a fun, funny game. A little collect-a-thon-y but fun.

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