Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TGS: Dead Rising 2: Case West Announced

Just shortly after the release of the 360-exclusive Dead Rising 2 product on XBLA, Capcom and Blue Castle Games have announced the existence of another 360-exclusive companion title to Dead Rising 2, entitled Dead Rising 2: Case West.

Case West takes place following the events of Dead Rising 2, in which the game's protagonist John Greene must now clear his name after being framed for causing the Fortune City outbreak. Desperate to get evidence, he requests help from a particularly familiar face. One that's seen a lot of wars, you know.

This title introduces a unique Co-Op mode in which two players collaborate to complete the game's goals; one player assumes Greene, while the other controls West. The release date is still unknown, but it is going to be released after the retail title and most likely following the XBLA Game Feast this October.

As if this news was not interesting enough, Capcom stated in its press conference that it had purchased Blue Castle Games, now with three development teams in the company. Blue Castle Games had already been working on two games for Capcom, but at this time, what the other game is remains to be seen.

Blue Castle Games is a Burnaby-based company created in 2005. The company's first major franchise was The BIGS, published by 2K Games. Since then, the company has grown fairly large and is now officially a part of Capcom. Its first Capcom-published titles will be Dead Rising 2 and its two Case titles, Case 0 (already out on XBLA), and Case West.


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