Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Mega Man Universe Footage

With PAX a day away, Capcom has released three exclusive videos demonstrating the gameplay of Mega Man Universe, a new Mega Man title whose trailer released at Comic-Con in July.

Well...not exactly exclusive. Gamespot, IGN, and 1Up each received a unique gameplay segment from Mega Man Universe, but each two-minute clip shows the same starting segment: Mega Man Producer Keiji Inafune explaining that now it was time to demonstrate how Mega Man Universe finally plays.

The Gamespot video focuses on "Bad Box Art Mega Man," a character based on the poor rendition of Mega Man on the original title's box art. The IGN video demonstrates a montage of gameplay with "Mega Man," which is a lankier, more robotic version of the blue bomber from what we might be used to. Finally, the 1UP/Gamevideos video takes a look at a montage starring "Rockman," a Mega Man character that looks authentic to Inafune's character designs.

Mega Man Universe appears to be very similar to the classic Mega Man series, complete with Mega Man enemies and weapon selections. The difference, however, is that the levels and backgrounds are 2D, similar to that of the older Mega Man titles, whereas the characters and enemies are 3D models. It also appears that the levels could be made with a level-editor of some type, hinting at what has already been anticipated with the original game announcement.

The videos end with the same tableau, a fourth character shown off as "Ryu," playable in Mega Man Universe. Of course, the teaser trailer probably hinted at that already.

Mega Man Universe is expected for a 2011 release for XBLA and PSN.

SOURCES (look up at the links for the vids!)

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