Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lilt Line Official Site Opens!

After having announced the title through Twitter, Gaijin Games and Different Cloth have finally unleashed the website, trailer, and website for Lilt Line, coming to WiiWare.

Lilt Line is an arcade racing game in which players assume the role of a single line as it moves along a very uneven, jagged course. I know some might be shouting out "Art Style: light trax," but this game is very different. Players race nobody, but instead, must survive the turns and shifts of each level, using the Wii Remote's motion controls to steer.

The line will encounter glowing areas which correspond to parts of each level's song; by hitting a button at that exact moment, more points arise, and it is necessary in order to make it out with the highest score possible.

The original won the Independent Games Fesitval Mobile Award for Audio, and this game looks to be just as good. With 15 levels filled with music set up by dubstep artist 16bit, the game promises much fun in the eardrum.

The game is expected to be releasing this Fall for WiiWare. The game will be seen at PAX Prime this week. The original is available on the App Store.

Different Cloth is a handheld developer based in London, and besides Lilt Line, the developer is currently making Helicoid, another music-based game for iOS.

Gaijin Games is an independent game developer consisting of three people...three AWESOME people, of course. The company is best known for making the BIT.TRIP series (BEAT, CORE, VOID, RUNNER) for WiiWare, as well as the BIT.TRIP BEAT port to IPhone coming soon. This game is its first self-published title so far (the BT series on WiiWare is through Aksys Games and the IPhone port is through Namco-Bandai).

Gaijin Games' other title, BIT.TRIP FATE, has not been shown off, save in teasers. That is expected for later this year as well.

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