Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nintendo's Conference: Details on 3DS's Downloads

At Nintendo's Fall Conference in Japan, the company unveiled the details on the Nintendo 3DS's download services, including its Virtual Console, Classic Games in 3D, and 3DSWare products.

The Nintendo 3DS will have a unique Virtual Console for the oldest Nintendo handhelds: the GameBoy and GameBoy Color. While pricing was not released, the company did announce the first two Nintendo-published titles to be released through the 3DS Virtual Console: Super Mario Land from GameBoy and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX from GameBoy Color.

Beyond handheld games, the 3DS will also contain a line of older games refitted for the 3DS, using both widescreen and 3D graphical effects. This includes games from the NES and SNES, all adapted for the system. Once again, no price range has been provided, but the event had a few games playable to the media.

Finally, the company made a few details regarding 3DSWare, the handheld's special downloadable software; actually, it was more in regards to DSiWare. According to Nintendo, players will be able to transfer DSiWare titles from their DSi to the 3DS a limited number of times, but this just about confirms the availability of DSiWare games on 3DS. No 3DSWare games seemed to be demonstrated at the event, but they will most likely be unveiled closer to the handheld's launch.

SOURCE: AndriaSang

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