Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nintendo's Conference: Megaman Legends 3

At Nintendo's Fall Conference, Capcom finally announced that it is making the next title in the Megaman Legends franchise for the Nintendo 3DS.

Capcom finally let it be known that Megaman Legends 3 will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, but details for the actual product are slim.

Alongside the announcement of the project, Capcom opened up a special blog which will look at the game while it is developed. Apparently, fans will have a pretty good effect on the development of the final product. On the blog, development head Keiji Inafune wished to say a lot about the project, but he cannot, at least until later.
…Having said that, there are so many details about the project that I am dying to tell all of you… but you’ll have to wait and let your imaginations run wild for just a little longer, until the Comic Con in New York next month!
On that note, here is a small factoid. The game is being developed by the Battle Network team and then some, and the director, Masakazu Eguchi, was the scenario writer for the BN series and director of Mega Man Star Force 2. Does that make or break the game? We will not know for some time.

No release date has been given for Legends 3, but late 2011 is the earliest for the release, we would guess.


SOURCE: Mega Man Network

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