Thursday, September 2, 2010

Outland Going Out There for PSN and XBLA

Developer Housemarque has announced that it is working with Ubisoft on Outland, a platform adventure title which is headed to PSN and XBLA next year.

Outland is a side-scrolling adventure but with a twist straight of out shooter Ikaruga. Players control a young traveler as he ventures deep into a dangerous jungle, filled with ruins and hulking beings and other dangerous monsters. These creatures shoot at the player with different types of bullets, each with a different polarity.

This is where the "Ikaruga-twist" comes into play. The player-character can change polarities, absorbing shots of the same color while being susceptible to the opposite. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the enemies; those with the same color as you will not be harmed until you change polarities. The game becomes a challenge in deciding which polarity to be at what times and how to defeat each foe, all while taking the usual adventure game aspects into consideration.

Outland is expected for release next year for PSN and XBLA. The game will be unveiled fully during PAX this weekend.

Housemarque is a Finnish development company founded in 1995, focused currently on downloadable titles through PSN and XBLA. Its most memorable titles are the Super Stardust HD franchise available on PSN. The company is also developing Dead Nation for PSN, expected to be released this year.


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