Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TGS: Asura's Wrath Announced by Capcom

At the company's TGS Press Event, Capcom announced a new title developed by CyberConnect2: Asura's Wrath.

Asura, once a powerful deity, has lost all of his powers by the gods, and now wishing for revenge, he realizes his own fury can be used to create destruction and lay waste upon his enemies.

The game is inspired by Asian mythology with an additional science fiction twist. As for the gameplay, the game is an action brawler through and through. The game's progression is based on episodic dramas, shifting between massively destructive gameplay sections and narrative segments until the game reaches its epic climax.

Other than the trailer's QTE segments, there is little else that the game has demonstrated gameplay-wise, but hordes of enemies and gargantuan bosses look to be the game's forte. Not much else was unveiled. Not even a release date.

As it uses the Unreal 3 Engine, the game is slated for PS3 and 360.

CyberConnect2 is a Japanese development company founded in 1996. It is best remembered for the .hack series and a large number of Naruto titles. CC2 is also the developer behind a collection of smaller titles including Tail Concerto and Silent Bomber for the Playstation 1; Tail Concerto's pseudo-sequel Solotarobo is to be released this year in Japan on the DS.


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