Friday, September 10, 2010

Grapple Buggy Paused. New Game Coming Soon

In his blog, Mommy's Best Games head Nathan Fouts stated that its upcoming XBLA title Grapple Buggy would be put on hold until more necessary funding is provided, and by that he meant a new game release coming soon.

Nathan Fouts, creator and lead programmer, director, artist, and so on of Mommy's Best Games claimed that Grapple Buggy, the company's third release, is moving along development-wise. However, prospective publishers have not stepped forward on monetary support, citing continued concerns over the industry and economy for their cold feet.
After looking at the MBG coffers, we decided we needed to take a break and work on something more immediate as way to raise money for continued development of Grapple Buggy.
In order to raise funds for the continued development, Mommy's Best Games will be releasing another game! Although there are no details at this time, it appears that it will be developed fairly quickly and is already moving onto testing phases in its early state for particular code checks.

While no release date has been provided, the official announcement will most likely provide a concrete time for its release. The game will most likely be a title set for Xbox Live Indie Games.

Mommy's Best Games was founded in 2007 but Nathan Fouts, an ex-developer at Insomniac Games. The company has since developed two titles, both for Xbox Live Indie Games. The first is Weapon of Choice, a Contra-like shooter with multiple characters and insane alien creatures to face, complete with an open-ended storyline to mix things up even more. The company's second, smaller release is Shoot1up, a shoot-em-up in which every life is displayed at the same time rather than one at a time, and at a 80 MS price point, it is not asking much for what it provides. Via Blitz1UP, Weapon of Choice is heading to PC.

SOURCE: Mommy's Best Games' Dev log

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