Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mommy's Best Games Announces Explosionade

Mommy's Best Games has announced Explosionade, a side-scrolling shooter with a focus on explosions and mechs that cause them.

Explosionade is the game which founder Nathan Fouts mentioned when the company shelved Grapple Buggy earlier this month. Rather than ask for funds in the form of donations, the company is releasing this title to further support the company and its efforts to bring Grapple Buggy to XBLA in the future.

In Explosionade, players control a prototype mech and venture into Horronym Fortress to destroy the infiltrating alien forces. The game has a number of challenge rooms with dynamic cameras, allowing players to see part or all of the action at once. Furthermore, the game can be played with one or two players at once, making this explosionade more potent, indeed.

There will be an online leaderboard system, this time around, and the press release states that the environments will be destructible thanks to the devastating weapons mounted on the mechs. As for how destructible, that is still unknown.

Explosionade is aiming for a release late this month on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Mommy's Best Games was founded in 2007 by Nathan Fouts, an ex-developer at Insomniac Games. The company has since developed two titles, Weapon of Choice and Shoot1UP, both available for Xbox Live Indie Games. Currently, Weapon of Choice is on its way to PC thanks to Blitz1up, and Shoot1UP is on its way to Windows Phone 7. Grapple Buggy, once it launches, will be the company's first XBLA title.


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