Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TGS: EA Unveils New 3DS IP: My Garden

At EA's Pre-Tokyo Game Show Press Event, EA Salt Lake unveiled its first new intellectual property for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS: My Garden.

My Garden is pretty self-explanatory: players select one of six unique environments and plant a garden out of hundreds of plants in each area. Like Viva Pinata, planting certain flowers will attract particular wildlife, including different types of butterflies and birds. Shaking the 3DS can shoo away some of the visitors, if things get too crowded, and a whistle into the microphone can also yield entertaining results.

Players are led by a little creature called Tanuki who will lead them through the game mechanics and even help in the gardening process. Tanuki has twenty unique abilities, each with their own costume. The unveiling's example was Butterfly Tanuki, which attracts special types of butterflies to the garden environment.

In order to progress through the game itself, players have to complete photo challenges, which they can do by walking through their individual garden environments in full 3D.

My Garden is expected to launch alongside the Nintendo 3DS in the near future.


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