Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NBA Jam Wii Edition Loses Online

If EA's twitter account is correct, the Wii version of NBA Jam will not have online multiplayer, despite a small team working on providing it since E3 this year.

One factor that was originally of concern by consumers for the Wii retail release was the existence of an online multiplayer mode. The game's producers stated that the game would only have that mode if the team could produce the same framerate and effectiveness as the main game. Today, a twitter post from EA's account finally sealed its fate:
@rubberducky00 not on the Wii. It will on XBOX 360 and PS3
This means that if you are willing to play online multiplayer, you must purchase NBA Elite 11 and get the packed-in NBA Jam for free. Wii owners will still be able to play the game's offline multiplayer and the rest of the game's main modes.

NBA Jam is a revival of the series of the same name, focusing on a much more arcade, 2-on-2 basketball experience. The game was originally announced as a Wii exclusive, but last month it was discovered that a version for HD consoles was also in the works, specifically as a pack-in game for those who purchase NBA Elite 11. The HD versions lack the Wii's Remix Tour, a special single-player experience with boss battles of famous basketball players, but they will have full online multiplayer.

NBA Jam is slated for release next month, as well as NBA Elite 11.

SOURCE: Nintendo World Report

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