Friday, September 24, 2010

Wii Remote Plus Quietly Revealed

Through updated boxart of Artoon's FlingSmash, Nintendo has shown off the Wii Remote Plus, a Wii Remote controller with built-in Wii Motion+ capabilities.

In a new boxart released for FlingSmash, it appears that the game will be bundled with a special Wii Remote. Originally expected to be bundled with a Wii Motion+ attachment, due to the fact that the game requires it in order to work, the game will be the first game bundled with the Wii Remote Plus.

The Wii Remote Plus does not appear to be much at first, but the controller has Wii Motion+ built in, as stated along the bottom of the controller itself. Nintendo has acknowledged its existence but refuses to provide any more concrete details thus far.

FlingSmash is a Wii Motion+ exclusive title in which players launch the main character around self-scrolling worlds to reach the end while obtaining high scores and special items. The game's control system is a mix of pinball and ping pong, definitely an interesting combination. It will be bundled with the new controller, and the game's release is still slated for November 7th of this year at a reduced price.

SOURCE: NintendoLife

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