Friday, September 3, 2010

PAX: Ex-Blizzard Devs Unveil FireFall

Red 5 Studios, a developer comprising of ex-Blizzard Software developers, has announced its first project: Firefall, a shooter designed by the lead designer of Tribes.

Firefall takes place some two hundred years in the future, where an alternative solution for energy results in the Melding, a massive collection of storms which has covered most of the world. Those who survive the storm must now work together in order to collect crucial resouces around the world and save the human race, but a group of "bloodthirsty" beings called The Chosen are going to get in the way.

The game itself will be a massive multiplayer online shooter. Players move around the large worlds with an assortment of weaponry and, in true Tribes fashion, a good deal of jetpack abilities. The press release promises that the main game will remain free, but extra bonus content will require payments through the game's marketplace.

Red 5 Studios is a new California-based developer formed by Mark Kern, the team lead behind World of Warcraft. The company's main focus is on online titles, especially those with heavy multiplayer gameplay.

Firefall is expected for a release in late 2011 for PC, but people can sign up for a beta now. A gameplay demonstration is shown on the official website.


Firefall Cinematic from Red 5 Studios on Vimeo.

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