Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nintendo's Conferece: Typing of the Pokemon

In Nintendo's Fall Conference in Japan, Nintendo unveiled a Pokemon-based typing game for the Nintendo DS, entitled Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS.

Pokemon Typing DS is a title in which players have to type the name of specific pokemon as well as special attacks in order to defeat each pokemon they encounter. The game also has a number of unique modes besides directly attacking wild pokemon, but not much was demonstrated outright.

While the game appears to allow typing on the DS touch screen, each copy of the game will come bundled with a wireless keyboard through which players can type without having to learn how to use the stylus quickly.

The game is slated for DS in Japan for 2011.

Developer Genius Senority was formed in 2001 and is comprised of teams which had previously worked on Dragon Quest and Pokemon. Mostly focused on developing unique products in the Pokemon franchise, the last products the company has produced include 100 Classic Books for DS and Dragon Quest Swords alongside Eighting and Square Enix.

SOURCE: AndriaSang

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