Saturday, September 4, 2010

PAX: WiiWare shows its Fluidity

Nintendo unveiled and displayed a new WiiWare title at PAX Prime this weekend: a water-based puzzle platformer called Fluidity.

Fluidity is a physic-based platformer where players control a collection of water. Of course, being a large blob of water with realistic physics is not enough; the game will have the water turn into its other two forms, ice and steam, in order to make it to the end of each puzzle.

The game promises a multitude of puzzles spanning a number of chapters in the magical book called the Aquaticus. If there is any more to the story is currently unknown, but the game appears to take place from such environments as a grassy plain to ancient tombs and an icy tundra. In order to make the game more accessible, the Press Release states that the game will have a number of tutorials over the course of the game, but there is bound to be some hard puzzles along the way, regardless.

Nintendo has released a trailer and screenshots for Fluidity, and the game is playable at PAX Prime this weekend. There is no release date or other official game details out as of yet.


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